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Vegetable capsules – KCAPS®

K-CAPS® are made from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) – a cellulose that comes from trees.

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Gelatin Capsules

Farmacapsulas’ Gelatin capsules are produced using 100% bovine hide gelatin.

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Acid Resistant Capsules- AR Caps®

AR CAPS® acid resistant capsules for enteric drug delivery

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Flavored Capsules

Increase your product’s attractive and improve the consumer’s experience with unique colored gelatin capsules which have delicious flavors and aromas.

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Liquid Caps- LQ Caps ®

Farmacapsulas launches LQ CAPS: empty capsules for liquid and semi solid formulas.

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Organic Capsules

The market for certified bio/organic products and ingredients is continually growing. We have developed natural capsules to satisty the increasing demand for them.

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