Wednesday February 3rd, 2016 | Capsules

Flavored Capsules and their Use in Pediatric Medicine

Capsulas de sabores

Oral Pharmaceuticals such as capsules and tablets face a bigger challenge for pediatric patients and their parents when examining the difficulty that the kids encounter when they have to swallow medication. As a result, this situation interrupts the success in the treatment taking into account that kids refuse to take these kinds of pharmaceuticals.

Farmacapsulas has developed capsules with diverse flavors and colors in order to address the pediatric market, the use of sweets and enjoyable flavors facilitate the administration of medications taken orally, furthermore the use of bright colors and entertaining forms of the capsules awakens the interest in the kid to take his medicines.

  • FunCaps™: Are intended for pediatric products, because it generates the idea to merge five capsule flavors in one product, also with the chance to impregnate animal figures on them.

Other flavor capsules available:

  • L -Caps ™: lime flavored capsules.
  • B -Caps ™: berry flavored capsules.
  • BubbleGum Caps ™: with the fragrance and delicious bubblegum flavor. Ideal for pediatric supplements.
  • S -Caps ™: strawberry flavored capsules
  • M -Caps ™: mint flavored capsules. Ideal for eucalyptus extracts or natural plants.
  • Coffee Caps ™: coffee flavored capsules. Excellent for energy products.
  • G -Caps ™: grape flavored capsules. Ideal for fruit products such as grape or berries.
  • O -Caps ™: orange flavored capsules. Ideal for vitamin C products.

The flavor capsules are not exclusive for pediatric patients, the idea of a medicine with a different taste than the usual, creates an opportunity to increase sales. As a matter of fact, in the nutritional supplement market 85% of the customers choose flavored capsules over the non flavored version.