Wednesday February 3rd, 2016 | Capsules

Customized Capsules

The demand on customized brands and products is increasing in non prescription products and in nutrition and health as well. Large world wide pharmaceutical companies trust in the quality of our work by printing patterns, logos, and text in order to enhance the image of their products. These characteristics make them unique in the market.

In Farmacapsulas we are able to print over the capsules in one or two colors, rectified or non rectified, available 360º axial or radial, fulfilling our client’s requirements.

Customizing the capsules goes beyond esthetics, as a matter of fact, laws and regulations demand product identification for oral dosing pharmaceuticals.

Customized capsules benefits:

  • The product is protected from eventual forgery
  • It distinguishes from the competitors
  • Is accepted by a greater number of consumers
  • Is easily identified
  • Creates recognition

We use the latest technology and skilled personnel to guarantee the best result in the customer preferences, quality in the product and competitive prices. We have been working hand in hand with our clients to optimize their ideas and improve their brand. We provide the human, technical resources and the tools necessary to expand the market of their product.

Customizing capsules is not a luxury that few can take advantage of, the market demands it and allows the appearing pharmaceutical entrepreneurs to take the lead; those longstanding remain positioned in order to avoid going unnoticed to the public that always seeks for something better, especially in the health market.