Wednesday April 27th, 2016 | Capsules

Pearlized Capsules

Cápsulas perladas

The pearlized Capsules are an alternative that Farmacapulas has brought into the market, offering new tones of color; gold and silver are available for the gelatin and vegetable capsule presentation.

The capsules offer a pearlized look thanks to a pigment that reflects light from the inside, that results from a mixture of natural mica and titanium dioxide.

To achieve the pearlized effect on the capsules it is not necessary to combine special dyes, it is only needed to add the mica base pigment to achieve the shiny look from the inside making the medicine more attractive. There is a variety of tones in gold, silver or copper. The pearl effect is also offered in a variety of colors.

The pearlized effect that is created in the capsules gives them a different status, it labels the product as Premium due to the impact that it generates in the consumer when they see a medicine that has a modern presentation and that stands out from the competition because of its exclusive appearance.

The pearlized capsules widen the market of conventional medicines, they offer options for those who are searching for the best, generating in the consumer the desire for a high level product which is created by the visual impact that the shiny effect generates.

The pigment does not modify in any way the content of the medicine, the employment is strictly esthetical and a distinguishing method to create association. It does not have any functional advantage in the organism, it does not alter the flavor, the smell, nor the characteristics that constitute the capsule.