Sistema de liberación oral de rápida acción

Fast Release Delivery System

Is an innovative technology that allows a pharmaceutical formula to obtain liquid active substances formed by hard gelatin capsules, that enables the solid form comfort with the advantage of a better absorption from the liquid forms. The result is a innovative formula for lipid liquid solutions, suspensions or micro-emulsions.


  • Complete dissolution and fast action inception.
  • Better bio-availability, greater efficiency and therapeutic equivalency.
  • Ideal for poorly soluble in water molecules.
  • Easy recognition and promoting of the brand through a unique combination of colors.
  • Easy development of pilot lots for lipid formulations.


Release And Action Efficiency

Graph Number 2: Average concentrations (%) vs time (5-60 minutes) of Ibuprofen of 400mg in Softgel and in Liquid Center Hard Gelatin Capsules (CDLC). Source: Dissolution profile of Ibuprofen 400mg. Comparative profiles 05/26/2011.


Graph Number 3: Valproic Acid Therapeutic Bioequivalence250mg CDCL (Liquid Center Hard Capsules) Source: Evaluation of the pharmacokinetic parameters and comparison Bioavailability of the Valproic Acid 250mg CDCL (Liquid Center Hard Capsules). Protocol #BE090811001 de 08/11/2009